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We're turning 10 and we want you to be a part of it!

You're the reason we've made it 10 awesome years, and we wanted to brew a beer to celebrate YOU for our birthday!

So, here's the skinny:

We’re letting you guys decide it all - voting on beer styles first - once we determine a style based on popular demand, we’ll launch another poll where you can vote on what actually goes into the beer!

We want this to be as interactive as possible and brew the beer for the people who have supported us these amazing 10 years.  If you share this post or tag someone in the comments, we’ll enter you into a raffle where you can win the opportunity to be here on brew day with us.  You’ll also receive a $100 gift card (and of course some 10th anniversary beer).

This beer will actually be brewed in the spring/summer to be released around our anniversary date in July, so keep that in mind when voting.

We’re super stoked to go into this tenth year with you all!

You all voted for IPA as the style, so the current vote is, what kind of IPA?!?!

Just click the link to vote! We’ll tally all the various style votes and move on to the ingredient round where you can decide what actually goes in the IPA!

Updates, straight from the Griffin’s Claw!

Follow along, we’ll send you updates but we promise not to be annoying about it! It is beer after all.