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Sustainability is an investment in our community, our environment, and ourselves. We sustainably built our brewery to decrease waste and increase efficiency.


Waste Less, Recoup More.

A Mash Filter is a German/Belgian technology that presses and filters the mash of each batch of beer, giving us a wort yield of over 97%. We are the first craft brewery in the United States to introduce this technology into our brewing process. With the addition of our centrifuge, we produce minimal waste while using fewer resources.

Save the frickin' trees

Meet Cici, our CO2 recapturing device from Earthly Labs that was integrated into our system in 2020. Cici recaptures all waste CO2 from fermentation, scrubs clean, and repurposes it into liquid CO2 that feeds right back into our brewery infrastructure. This will help us recapture thousands of pounds of waste CO2 or more from the brewing process each year and reuse it to carbonate and package beer. That’s a lot of frickin trees worth of CO2! Take a break trees, we’re stepping up! We are the first Michigan brewery to use this technology.

Griffin Claw CiCi Co2 Recycling system

Tree Tracker

This Tree Tracker shows how much CO2 we've recaptured through fermentation equated into how many trees worth of CO2 we've recycled since installing CICI. Our specialized carbon capture equipment allows us to capture the excess CO2 from the brewing process and handle it in a more sustainable way. Ensuring less Carbon Dioxide makes it into the atmosphere and ensures a cleaner, greener future for all.

Time Well Spent

We drive and deliver our spent grain weekly to partner farms for livestock feed. We even have our own dump trailer to share the love.

Griffin Claw's Dump Truck
Griffin Claw's Dump Truck
Griffin Claw Recycle in taproom