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Tell us what you think of our Vodka Seltzers!

Seriously, don't hold back.  If you love them let us know, and if you hate them, let us know even more. We want this to be as open source as possible. Your participation will help us make the product that you want to buy your friends. Bonus points for leaving your email, we might just reach out to send you a gift card for your time!

Urban Crafted

No high fructose corn syrup no artificial flavorts

Our hard seltzer is vodka based instead of fermented sugar with real fruit juice and no gross artificial crap. We came out at 100 calories, 2 carbs, and no added sugar. We want to know what you think!

SELTZER FINAL-Current View 2

Updates, straight from the Griffin’s Claw!

Follow along, we’ll send you updates but we promise not to be annoying about it! It is beer after all.