Griffin Claw Brewing Company’s official opening day may be July 18th, 2013 but it all started when Dan Rogers began working his magic at Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham, MI. Dan had been brewing since 1991 and eventually found his way to Big Rock in 2004, this is the unofficial start of Griffin Claw. Dan continued hammering out amazing beers in the small confines of Big Rock and the Michigan beer community started taking notice. It wasn’t until 2010 that his name and beers received a lot more attention. 2010 was a big year, winning two World Beer Cup medals for Norm’s Raggedy Ass and Bonnie’s Raggedy Ass.

Griffin Claw’s culture is that of growth. Our path to get where we are has been a quick one but it’s because of our people. We are centered around young, hungry, active beer enthusiasts – with a foundation of grizzled vets. Our love for this Great Beer State is increased as the days go on and we love the industry that we’re in.